Monday, January 11, 2016

Lontano / Lejano / Away / Heen

 Acrylic on paper Canvas 37x37cm 

by Melissa Heredia-Nieda

A broken heart is a broken heart

A broken heart is a broken heart.

It may heal, but it doesn’t really heal.
The broken parts hurt your mind and soul;
your body aches.

A broken heart is a broken heart.

A heart that has been damaged,
even though still beats,
it’s still a broken heart.

Scars are there and will be there.
A broken heart is a broken heart.

Every time a thought grazes it,
your heart will still hurt
because a broken heart
couldn’t be the same as it were.

A broken heart is a broken heart.

By Melissa HN

Sunday, January 10, 2016

& Infinite has an end &


Infinite number of chances 
when there is almost zero Change.

Change won't change anything.
To believe in Infinite is a reality denial,
and when you are falling apart
you need to smile.

There is no other option,
but to go on and move on.

You need to know 
once you have crossed that the infinite line; 
it has ended 
even if yourself couldn't want to.

Learn to say goodbye without resentment.
Putting yourself together, 
even if you are and will be broken forever.

We want & wish the best for each other forever, 
but forever doesn't exist, 
cos life was designed like this.

Infinite is a limited delusional dreamer that 
couldn't work with a changing grounded dreamer.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Contigo mismo

Trabajando en el dibujo o pintura 'Contigo mismo'... Sabrá Dios que saldrá...

Contigo mismo
Cuando no puedas dormir durante la noche, 
podrías preguntarte a ti mismo;
tal vez es aquella energía de mi cuerpo, mi consciencia, ó Dios, 
que quiere decirme que necesito conversar con la persona más importante, 
contigo mismo...